Hanu man

Hanu man

Movie Details

Director- Prasant Verma
Cast- Teja Sajja Varalaxmi Sarthakumar Vennela Kishor
Movie type- Action Adventure
Producers- Knirajaranreddy
Release date- 12th January 2024
IMDB Rating-8.6
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration- 2 Hour 38Minutes


Hanu man Movie Trailer


The film begins with 1998 Micheal a boy who is interested in becoming a superhero and wants to save the world one day he sees a boy with spectacle his friend Siri he takes action and beats them with the power so he decides to make them pay the by beating them and tell his friend that he wants to become a superhero so he tells parents and went on the roof and jumped from it which led to breaking his leg his parents scolded for action.

So he burnt them alive to make a barrier in action of becoming a superhero After 25 years he and his friend Siri transformed him into a Superhero and beat thief. Micheal wants to gain more power to be eternal for saving the world. Anjandaari a pristine village having a person named Hanumanthu who is mischievous and follows the girl whom she loves her named is Meenakshi He likes him and as she comes to the village he is happy with dreams of his love, Hanumanthu’s sister does business of the Coconut and not married till she finds boy who kept his brother with them.

There is a quarrel in the Jungle where Meenakshi comes with the Traitor’s contact saved by Hanumanthu but gets drowned in the river where he finds Rudramani a pearl of power of Lord Hanuman. As he breaks his leg and arm he sees a pearl in the sunlight and gets powerful with Lord Hanuman’s power and abilities so he helps his friend with the business of milk by telling his friend he gained power by drinking his milk. Gajapati a king fights with Meenakshi’s uncle which leads to a fight against the Hanumanthu he comes into power and destroys the power of Gajapathi by acquiring power from Lord Hanuman he fights back and destroys Gjaptahi ego. There comes Micheal who sees the Hanumanthu video where he met with the train and survived he got to Promoise village to the hospital.

He pranked Hanumanthu to drop a big rock on villagers Hanumanthu secretly used power and saved villagers. They captured Hanumanthu and gained the secret as a pearl for power. Micheal aims to acquire that pearl. Anjanaa finds the groom and gets married but in the fight, she gets killed by Micheal which Provides deep pain to Hanumanthu and decides that he is no use. Vibhishan King of Lanka tells you are battlecry for the war between Demond and Human. Micheal gets into a fight with Micheal and kills him but break the pearl and power acquired by him this makes all demons wake up to fight and come to earth. Lord Hanuman comes to meet Hanumanthu and makes a promise made by Him to Lord Rama to save Earth.

Another part coming as Jai Hanuman in 2025

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