Me Time (2022)

Me Time (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: Me Time (2022)
Director: John Hamburg
Cast: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, and Regina Hall
Movie Type: Comedy
Release date: 26 August 2022
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
Languages: English and Hindi.
Duration: 1h 41m


Me Time (2022)


If you asked our editors about the most annoying and least funny actors today, most of us would probably repeat two names – Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg. They are already practically a certainty of boring and barren comedies, in which the popular comedian just keeps shouting very loudly and Mark Wahlberg in 90% of the cases plays a chatty piper who refuses to grow up and behaves like a complete idiot. But their names still attract undemanding Americans for some mysterious reason. Netflix decided to take advantage of this, put famous actors together and they filmed the Me Time. Streaming certainty, where it was clear that it would become a hit and within a few days generate the numbers needed by the tiemakers.

Me Time is proof of how deep “Hart’s” subscribed comedy can sink, and what absolute creative laziness or lack of interest in what you’ve filmed looks like in practice. Here, Hart plays Sonny, a stay-at-home father who, in addition to the children, also takes care of running school activities. However, with his excessive interest in controlling everything and everyone, he is so annoying that you want to kill him after only 10 minutes. After all, this is also what his wife wants, who tells him that he should finally relax for a while, take a break from the children, and take some time for himself. And he will do that. So while his family goes away, Sonny seeks out the company of his old friend Huck, whose life is one big party and, like every year, is organizing a spectacular and crazy birthday party this year.

I found out after five minutes, during which Hart twice slips on turtle poo and Wahlberg sends him a photo of a donkey penis, that I will especially suffer and regret my filmmaking decision this time. But that is only the beginning of digging the professional bottom of almost everyone involved. What follows is about 90 minutes of absolutely unfunny and at times quite disgusting hell, in which the attempts at humor consist of Kevin Hart doing the following things one after the other. Hell, even that Mark Wahlberg gives the impression that he doesn’t want to be here at all.

Simply put, nothing works here. The characters are unsympathetic, they behave like total idiots, for God’s sake, almost everyone screams, there is no chemistry between the central couple, there is no question of funny dialogues and, of course, there are also final family morals, during which the viewer already has something to do not to rewind. Kevin Hart is perhaps even more annoying and loud than ever, and Mark Wahlberg seems to have grown tired of playing wannabe cool pre-teens and is just here for the easy Netflix bucks.

So is there anything to praise about Me Time? Maybe just the short footage by Netflix standards, which quickly runs away, and that the secondary character of Sonny’s friend says (probably by mistake) a few catchy remarks. Otherwise, however, the film is an example of total desperation and Netflix’s terrible form, in which the streaming service does not shy away from sending even the most stinking manure to the air for the sake of viewership. In addition, I want to announce on behalf of the entire editorial team that our review of Kevin Hart’s comedies is hereby ended for the sake of our senses.

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