The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: The Outfit(2022)
Director: Graham Moore
Cast: Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, and John Gumley-Mason
Movie Type: Crime/Thriller
Release date: 18 March 2022
IMDB Rating: 7/10
Languages: English, French, and Spanish
Duration: 1h 46m


The Outfit (2022)


As part of catching up, I finally found time for this understated gangster flick from The Imitation Game screenwriter and debut director Graham Moore, but I’ll tell you right off the bat that despite my delight at the trailer and my excitement for the sweet Zoey Deutch’s next role, it won’t be a praise enthusiastically review. It won’t even be a satisfying text. The Outfit is mostly a pure mixture of well-intentioned ideas, which unfortunately, in my opinion, the director did not manage to sell adequately. But in good order.

The film tells the story of a small tailor’s shop somewhere in the middle of Chicago, which local gangsters use to drop off and pick up envelopes with… something. It is led by the aging tailor Leonard played by Mark Rylance, who is further assisted by the pretty but defiant receptionist Mable (Deutch). And since the shot is sparing with space and the camera never leaves the world of a small tailor shop, naturally there aren’t many other characters either. In addition to those mentioned above, we also have the son of the main boss Richie (Dylan O’Brien), the hitman Francis (Johnny Flynn), the boss himself (Simon Russell Beale), and at the end a few others who do not need to be named.

The plot then revolves around the search for a rat that is bringing down a mafia family and guarding a briefcase that supposedly contains evidence of who the rat is. Despite its apparent simplicity, the scenario fails in basic matters. First of all, the motivations of the characters are shallow, they sometimes behave as the plot tells them, and not by logic, the twists are also quite transparent, and anyone with at least a little insight can quite reliably guess who is who, and how the film will probably end, already after few minutes. As a result, watching it becomes quite an exhausting activity, from which you are only occasionally interrupted by an interesting piece of dialogue or the arrival of a new character.

But mostly the characters’ conversations and their search for the truth seem jerky, and a few times I even had the feeling that the actors were improvising. Rather than outright bad, the script seemed half-baked and overcombined at the end. However, I was still less disappointed with him than with Moore’s direction itself. This name does not bring much luck behind the camera, and The Outfit suffers most of all from the fact that it is simply dull. Because when you look at how masterfully directed other famous one-room movies are, The Outfit feels like an ugly cousin who wanted to get into better company but forgot to dress for it. You do not work with space, the camera captures everything statically and forgets about any long shots without cuts. It lacks dynamism, impact, and ultimately tension.

At the same time, it’s a shame, because, in front of the camera, we are once again watching Mark Rylance’s acting concert, to which everyone else is a great second. The trio of O’Brien, Deutch, and the slimy Flynn are especially trying. He cut out a pretty unpleasant villain that will stay with a person for some time. Not because he’s any kind of villain, but he’s just cold-blooded and well-rounded enough that you start to hate him after a few minutes and do not change that opinion until the end of the movie, when you discover an unexpected respect for him, because, without him, the movie would have he was probably much worse.

Unfortunately, the 106-minute drama from a tailor’s workshop does not bring almost anything new to the genre, it is a well-acted but overly talkative gangster, which was not supported by either the script or the direction. I’m between five and six, but the attractive setting and likable actors tell me to go higher. But I was kind of hoping that I would be thinking about other numbers on that scale.

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