Shotgun Wedding (2022)

Shotgun Wedding (2022)
Shotgun Wedding (2022)

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Shotgun Wedding (2022)
Director:Jason Moore
Cast-Jennifer Lopez: Plays Darcy Rivera, Tom’s fiancée
Josh Duhamel: Plays Tom Fowler, Darcy’s fiancé
Jennifer Coolidge: Plays Carol Fowler, Tom’s mother
Lenny Kravitz: Plays Sean Hawkins
Sônia Braga: Plays Renata Ortiz
Cheech Marin: Plays Robert Rivera
Callie Hernandez: Plays Jamie Rivera
Desmin Borges: Plays Ricky Silver
D’Arcy Carden: Plays Harriet
Movie type- Action/Comedy
Release date-20 January 2023
IMDB Rating-5.5
Languages- English
Duration-1 Hour 40 Minutes


Shotgun Wedding (2022)


After a long time, we came across two romantic comedies shortly after each other, both set on an exotic island and both telling about a traditional couple – the only difference is that one is before the wedding and the other is after the divorce. In one he plays Langoš, in the other a marine from Transformers. And you will also notice the same final grade for both. While a surprisingly satisfied Rimsy was put in charge of the Czech bagpiper, and he perceives it relatively positively , my Hollywood one is unsurprisingly full of clichés, ugly in places, and in general you would actually find very few positives in it. Which begs the question, what is the difference? The answer probably lies in paper assumptions. After all, with the budget and possibilities of Shotgun Wedding, you should be aiming a little higher than the level of the director of What Men Want 2.

The film, the title of which not only refers to the fact that there will be a shotgun, but also means a hasty wedding due to the fact that the bride is “in it” prematurely, is anyway a semi-action romantic comedy in hl. roles with Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel, who replaced the cannibal Armie Hammer just before the start of filming. So the film revolves around the wedding of the aforementioned couple, where a bunch of guests are invited. But before the big day begins, pirates arrive at the venue and the wedding guests become hostages. So we get something like Deadly Trap on the Island, only that instead of the sympathetically ordinary policeman McClane, with a large dose of luck and screenwriter’s crutches, the bride and groom have to mow down the villains.

As I already indicated in the introduction, there are not many positives here this time. The biggest one is probably the moderate footage, when the film flies by quite quickly within 100 minutes and it certainly doesn’t hurt as much as, for example, the rather poorer Murder on a Yacht. The second advantage is JLo herself, who basically serves as the main generator of moneyshots, for example, when she reaches for something from the shelf, adjusts her dress to a combat cut, or falls towards the camera. The filmmakers, trying to make the most of the main strengths of the actress, did not even try to disguise it. Which, on the other hand, is good, because in terms of acting, after a long time, we get a couple that doesn’t have very good chemistry, most of the time they just casually excel, and it’s more like idling until the finale. The energy of Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti was somewhere else a few years ago, and I prefer not to even bring up other iconic couples.

The villains, who lack better motivation, are downright embarrassing, their gradual elimination is, with one or two exceptions, dull and without ideas, and even in the very conclusion they can’t do much. If Lopez was up against wooden shots, it would look about the same. The guests themselves are similarly dead, even if you could find Lenny Kravitz or Jennifer Coolidge among them. In short, the script stands in their way a little more than is probably advisable, so even the star of White Lotus has almost no opportunity to step out of the gray and routine antics to demonstrate what she is capable of.

Play the trailerAdd this to the list of other failings, such as unnecessary clichéness (you can guess the whole plot within five minutes), rarely functional humor (although you could find a few pearls here) or an unexpectedly serious tone at times, and you have a movie made for streaming services aka for quick consumption and even faster digestion. But it was originally supposed to go to theaters as an eRko (heavily underutilized eRko) before Amazon bought it from Lionsgate and swept it where it belongs, which makes it a bad move anyway, because in today’s competition, it’s a similarly lackluster comedy without a charge , announcements or some memorable action scenes on the big screen can’t think at all. The only excuse is the fact that, as with many recent films, the filmmakers filmed under difficult conditions during covid.

However, I note again that my disappointment stems more from the unused potential and sloppiness of some aspects. Certainly not that Shotgun Wedding offends me in any way, although it has enough stupid moments for that. Of course, it can’t be compared to adventure classics like Diamond Quest, but otherwise it’s a pretty harmless one-bite, and if you like Lopez or Duhamel and you’re just looking for something to pass the time and not think about anything, here’s a chance for light fun.

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