You People (2023)

You People (2023)
You People (2023)

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You People (2023)
Director:Kenya Barris
Cast-Jonah Hill: Plays Ezra
Lauren London: Plays Amira Mohammed
Eddie Murphy: Plays Akbar Mohammed
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Plays Shelley Cohen
David Duchovny: Plays Arnold Cohen
Molly Gordon: Plays Liza Cohen
Nia Long: Plays Fatima Mohammed
Travis Bennett: Plays Omar Mohammed
Sam Jay: Plays Mo
Mike Epps: Plays Uncle EJ
Movie type- Comedy/Romance ‧
Release date-20 January 2023
IMDB Rating-5.5
Languages- English
Duration-1 Hour 58 Minutes


You People (2023)


Netflix started the year somewhat modestly and has not scored any big hits so far. This was to be secured for him by the new comedy You People, in which the veteran Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill reunited in front of the camera, who after the personal documentary Stutz once again needed to earn a living in some kind of commercial certainty. And since, in addition to the two stars, there was also a grateful topic about a strict future father-in-law and the clash of two different cultures, it seemed that the recipe for a clear audience hit could not go wrong. But the result is not only extremely boring and bad, but you actually won’t feel very good watching it.

We follow podcast host Ezra’s would-be romantic story with the lovely Amira, and it seems to be love like a log. But this couple has had quite a few problems and obstacles since the beginning. As if it were not enough that he is white and she is black, which will lead the couple to many misunderstandings, Ezra is also Jewish, while Amira is counted among Muslims. In addition, her father belongs to the strict section of Muslims who do not even want to hear about a white person in the family. Meeting his future father-in-law does not go well for Ezra, and when the couple in love tries to bring the two completely different families together, things turn out even worse. Does their love even have a chance to survive given the hostile families and cultural differences?

The result should have been a romantic comedy, in which, in addition, it will aptly make fun of cultural differences and at the same time revolve around the topic of racism and inclusion. Which is a combination that, in the right hands, could delicately balance on the edge of correctness and basically bring us a rather apt and entertaining view of strong topics. However, the film is the complete opposite of the intended result. Instead of a cleverly written and entertaining comedy full of catchphrases, we get a picture that is not only completely stupid and boring, but in several scenes it is basically offensive, disturbing and toxic. Dialogues and cultural allusions here are not at all clever, apt or somehow sophisticated, on the contrary, they are often far beyond the edge of good taste. And when Eddie Murphy’s character asks a Jewish family if they think slavery or the Holocaust was worse, I started to feel pretty bad for the filmmakers. It’s even sadder

Individual scenes then sound so appalling and counterproductive also because of the complete incompetence of debutant director Kenye Barris. Not only does he work disastrously with important motifs, but he can’t produce a single entertaining scene and he completely fails in the romantic line as well. It doesn’t work at all between Hill and Lauren London, and their chemistry is probably due to the fact that they both wear a lot of colorful clothes.

However, even in combination with Eddie Murphy, it does not work too well for Jonah Hill, although both visibly try to work with their characters as much as possible. But the script didn’t allow them to have too many scenes together and they don’t have much to play. Because all the characters here are absolutely unsympathetic, annoying and (yes, I have to use that again) toxic individuals that you couldn’t stand being in the same room with without busting their mouths. The idea that one will keep one’s fingers crossed for them or even believe their improbable insight at the end is thus more laughable than any joke here.

Play the trailerHonestly, I still don’t understand where the humor and funny sayings were supposed to appear in the movie. The film is a mixture of soporific and uninteresting dialogues, where you don’t even know what was supposed to be funny about them. Rather, it makes one wonder if the creators were really serious about this. Made from a different material, it is one of those pieces that tries to be cool, modern, progressive at all costs, and at the same time wants to hold up a mirror to individual problems or cultures. In the end, however, it is a clear proof of how such motifs should definitely not be treated, and not only will you be bored with it, but you will also feel a little embarrassed for the authors. On the other hand, everything has to be looked at from the bright side. Netflix couldn’t start its comedy year any deeper. After this mess, it can only get better.

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