Tom Cruise is returning to Warner Bros.! Will there be an “Edge of Tomorrow 2”?

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Edge Of Tomorrow

The head of Warner Bros. Discovery has reasons to be happy. David Zaslav attracted one of the most popular cinema icons, Tom Cruise himself, to his media empire. Tom Cruise is working with Warner Bros.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Warner Bros. begins cooperation with Tom Cruise. His production company will move to WB’s premises. Under the new contract, Tom Cruise will produce and star in the studio’s projects. However, no details have been provided at this time. Tom Cruise has not signed up with Warner Bros. exclusive contract. This means that his projects announced for other labels are still valid. Fans of the “Mission: Impossible” series can breathe a sigh of relief. The eighth part was not canceled. Doug Liman’s space movie is also still in the works.

“Edge Of Tomorrow 2” Closer To Completion?

Tom Cruise has appeared in eight Warner Bros. films so far. He joined the company at the beginning of his acting career, appearing in two of its 1983 films, “The Outcasts” and “Risky Business”. “He returned to the studio a decade later, appearing in three films: Interview with the Vampire, Eyes Wide Shut, and Magnolia. In 2003, he played in “The Last Samurai”. Cruise and Warner Bros.’ last film together was the 2014 science fiction show “Edge of Tomorrow”. The film is still very popular today, which is why reports about a possible sequel appear from time to time.

Work on the sequel was last announced before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Then Matthew Robinson was hired to prepare the script. In late 2019, Doug Liman claimed that the text was ready. The original was based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The film takes place in the near future. A race of aliens called the Mimics launched a merciless attack on Earth and spread like a swarm of bees, reducing entire cities to ruins and leaving millions of human victims in their wake.

Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is thrown into the middle of a suicide mission. Cage dies in action, killing one of the aliens. However, he wakes up on the morning of his death and is forced to fight and die… endlessly. Contact with the alien sent Cage into a time loop and he was doomed to relive the same brutal fight over and over again.

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