Action Movies To Watch On Netflix In November 2023

Action Movies To Watch On Netflix In November 2023
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Baby Driver (2017)

If you are one of those who always listen to music in your car, you are going to love the role of our hero Baby Driver. The story follows a talented young driver known as Baby, who specializes in getaways. When he meets the girl of his dreams (Lily James), the young man sees an opportunity to give up his life of crime, but first, he’ll have to drive one last time.

Charlie’s Angels (2000 film)

‘Charlie’s Angels’ is a fun action comedy that hasn’t lost its charm after 23 years, based on the famous television series of the 70s. With Bill Murray and his agents fight to save the world.

Centaur (2022)

With Àlex Monner, Begoña Vargas, Carlos Bardem, Edgar Vittorino, and Patricia Vico in the cast, ‘Centaur‘ follows a young man addicted to strong emotions and speed who fights to become a professional motorcycling driver, until he discovers that His Family member owes a debt to some drug traffickers. To keep his family safe, Rafa decides to put his talent as a runner at the service of the criminal organization. Circuit racer by day, and kamikaze daredevil by night, Rafa is soon forced to make decisions that will change his life forever.

Interceptor (2022)

Elsa Pataky leads this action movie with a dose of adrenaline directed by Matthew Reilly and that, although it does not add anything new, offers guaranteed entertainment for a night of action and popcorn. ‘Interceptor’ places us at a critical moment: 16 nuclear missiles have been launched in the United States and a violent attack threatens its remote missile interceptor station at the same time. In that situation, an army lieutenant must use her tactical training and military experience to save humanity. And also, Crish Hemsworth makes a cameo.

Fury (2014)

One of the great war films of recent years, as well as one of the best Brad Pitt movie. ‘Fury‘ is a crude epic that flees from any sentimentality and finds its best moments in that claustrophobic tank, home, hope, and doom of the soldiers led by veteran Sergeant Wardaddy.

Sicario (2015)

Among the best action movies of recent years we can count this gem directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Taylor Sheridan called ‘Sicario’. Set in the US-Mexico border area, we meet Kate Macer (Emily Blunt), an idealistic FBI agent who is recruited by an elite government force to fight drug trafficking. But Kate doesn’t expect what she’s going to find in that hostile land.

Red Notice (2021)

One of Netflix’s most-viewed movies in 2021, and one of the biggest blockbusters. The platform managed to bring together Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson in the same film of art theft and pure adrenaline. “When Interpol sends a ‘Red Notice‘, police departments around the world must be vigilant to capture the most wanted criminals. All alarms go off when a reckless robbery unites the best agent of the FBI (Dwayne Johnson) with two rival criminals (Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds). A coincidence that will make the unpredictable happen.”And Yes, there will be ‘Red Notice 2′.

Kate (2021)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead leads this remarkable Netflix Original action film, which gives us a new story of serial killers and blood feuds. The story follows a murderess who, after being hopelessly poisoned, has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies, and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her previous victims.

Transformers (film series)

machines colliding with each other in the flash of battle, larger-than-life romances, incompetent governments, and limitless destruction is what this saga has to offer, On Netflix, you can watch all parts of this movie series from the beginning.

Bodies at Rest (2019)

The story follows some armed intruders who slip into the middle of the night in a morgue. They’re looking for a body linked to a recent crime, but their ‘in and out’ plan won’t be foolproof.

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