Top 4 Love Movies To Watch In November 2023

Top 4 Love Movies To Watch In November 2023
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Amar (2017)

How difficult it is to love. And be loved. Even more so when it comes to first love, where you give everything you have. you realize that sooner or later it ends. Laura and Carlos will have to face their own emptiness in this interesting first film by Esteban Crespo.

Set It Up (2018)

Netflix is ​​reinvigorating the modern rom-com, and this is one of its best examples. Pulling from that classic plot in the genre in which two people are trying to pair up, Scanlon builds a fun and charismatic story about how those who put on Celestina’s costume ended up being the protagonists of her own love story.

Kiki, Love to Love (2016)

A very good plot, well-chosen music, (which includes great faces of our cinema such as Natalia de Molina, Belén Cuesta, Luis Bermejo, Candela Peña or the director Paco himself. León), tells us five complex love stories.

A Perfect Pairing (2022)

Small Netflix hit that shows Victoria Justice stars as a Los Angeles-based wine company executive who travels to an Australian sheep farm to pursue a deal. Infiltrated as a ranch hand, she ends up meeting a winemaker (Adam Demos) who, between drinks, will turn this business trip into a pleasure trip.

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