Top 5 Romantic Movies To Watch In November

Top 5 Romantic Movies To Watch In November
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Eight Basque Surnames

It is the most successful comedy in the history of the Spanish box office, and rightly so. This hilarious film by Emilio Martínez-Lázaro used the regional clichés of our country to make us laugh out loud. The comic vision of Dani Rovira and the charisma of Clara Lago, Carmen Machi, and Karra Elejalde. This film tells us about an impossible romance between an Andalusian man and a Basque woman. It is also one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix.

Fifty Shades of Gray

EL James ‘ novel was a bestseller, and this film blew up the box office. Two gorgeous leads ( Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan ) and a story full of sensuality. The story follows a billionaire businessman and a literature student who embark on a complicated romance. It is also one of the best erotic movies on Netflix.

Crazy About Her

This Spanish comedy has both romanticism and a necessary message about mental illness. Dani de la Orden directs this story about a skeptical journalist in love (Álvaro de Cervantes) who ends up falling in love with a girl he meets in a bar (Susana Abaitua) and with whom he spends the best night of his life. But the next day he finds out that she is admitted to a psychiatric center, and he will have to undertake an (internal) journey to get rid of all her prejudices and love her as she is.

All the Bright Places

Two of Hollywood’s most promising young performers, Elle Fanning and Justice Smith, star in this film based on the novel by Jennifer Niven. In this movie, we meet Violet and Theodore, two teenagers whose friendship changes their lives forever, as they struggle to leave behind the scars of their past. A film, directed by Brett Haley, that delves into the darkest areas of youth without losing hope. It is also one of the best teen movies on Netflix.


This Catherine Hardwicke film, based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, launched a teen movie phenomenon of gigantic proportions that launched the careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and made vampire romances fashionable (again). But at its core, this first film is a sober tale about two people falling in love, even though they shouldn’t, and building a new breed of bloodsucker.

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