Hayao Miyazaki Segregated Animators Based On Blood Type?

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Hayao Miyazaki

Every country has superstitions that may seem, well strange. In Japan, it was long believed that blood type determines character traits. One of the followers of this theory was Hayao Miyazaki himself.

Hayao Miyazaki segregated animators based on… blood type?

In an extensive interview for a blog, animator Shinsaku Kôzuma talked about, among other things: his friendship with Yoshinori Kanada – an animator working for the legendary Studio Ghibli. At the same time, he revealed an interesting fact about Hayao Miyazaki, who heads it. He was supposed to segregate his employees based on… blood type.

Miyazaki checked everyone who came in and out. He had the desk closest to the door, so he could see everything. Who sat where also depended on his decision. He believed that blood type influenced personality, so he decided that those with type B and those with type A would sit separately, he said.

The belief that a person’s character depends on his or her blood type was once very popular in Japan. Group A was supposed to be typical of perfectionists who are good at teamwork, and sensitive, but at the same time unsure of themselves. People from group B were considered their opposite – individualists with a cheerful disposition, eccentric, and selfish.

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